Our experience operating and scaling small businesses begins with actionable improvement. We measure success as the implementation of big business tools for small businesses. The result is increased success, sustained long-term performance and an improved lifestyle for the communities served.


The Flyfisher Group operates in five distinct silos that allow focused talent and efforts across our portfolio companies and the private clients we serve. They are Capital, Business Operations, Finance & Accounting, Technology & Media, and Real Estate.

Concept to Sustainable Realities

The Flyfisher Group partners with small and emerging companies to provide them big business tools and opportunities that help them realize and reach their full potential. The diversity of businesses within TFG allow us to align our work with our passions, which we believe leads to better overall business success.

Community and Culturally-Focused

We operate with a common vision for the benefit of our community. This means we invest time in the professional development of our staff members, provide investors with unique opportunities aligned with a lifestyle, work alongside partners for mutual growth and improve the neighborhoods we work within. Our company culture is focused on lifestyle and is continuously evolving to ensure the individuals we serve have the potential to achieve balance.

Lifestyle Return

The business assets we invest in from real estate to fly fishing to technology & media offer like-minded investors diversity and long-term value for their portfolios. The types of projects we invest in generate what we call a Lifestyle Return. The tangible and intangible return investors receive that enables them to achieve a Life Well Played.

Our Groups