Business Operations Group

The Flyfisher Business Operations Group (TFBOG) provides a level of operations expertise and general management consulting traditionally not available to small business. Client engagements range from acquisition due diligence to operations diagnostic to corporate or business-unit strategy, along with post-merger integration, implementation support, and continuous improvement. Combining deep functional skills and product, process, and service-industry experience helps clients build competitive and differentiating operations capabilities that deliver value while allowing companies to operate profitably and invest in the future. We apply lessons learned across industries to achieve and sustain process improvement.

Generating recurring income is the most straightforward and well-understood management imperative of business operations. The primary goal of this imperative is to implement a sustained delivery of goods and or services at a cost below the final sale price. A business whose revenues are sufficiently greater than its expenses generates income. Generating recurring “revenue” is not the focus of our operations management. We understand that what counts is management of the relationship between the cost of goods sold and the revenue derived from their sale. Efficient processes that reduce costs even while prices remain the same expand the gap between revenue and expenses and derive higher profitability.

Increasing the value of our clients and portfolio companies is the most important goal of our business operations group. Simply put the more profitable a business is, the more valuable it is. We increase value through Flyfisher Standard Operating Procedures (FSOPs) and we employ growth strategies to increase profitability long term. We develop brands because a recognized, respected and established brand is highly valuable. We enhance or develop management systems to improve the ability to efficiently expand capabilities and market share. We identify, maintain and institutionalize intangible assets through patenting, copyrighting and trademarking. We protect and maintain physical assets by properly insuring; intentionally depreciating and regularly maintaining them based on specifically calculated FSOPs. We efficiently expand the market to a wider section of an existing market or a new demographic, psychographic or geographic market.

Small business efficiency, profitability and value is created through documented process and outstanding human capital that evolve as the business grows, models shift and competition increases.

· Our back office operations create, refine and evolve operational necessities.

· Our human resource engineering develops talent, creates a bench and quantifies need.

· Our customizable standard operating procedures reduce costs and improve consistency.

· Our product and process development services create and refine standard operating procedures.

· Our outsourced manufacturing management services enhance tracking and accountability.

· Our sourcing standard operating procedure keeps the cost of goods sold competitive.

· Our distribution procedures and management ensures products and services find the end user.

· Our supply chain strategies create efficiency over time.


We use an Integrated Business Services Model to drive high performance. Advanced shared services are a requirement for successful internal operations. Great companies are looking for new ways to deliver more value by moving beyond the back office, function-based service provision of earlier generations and evolving to use the integrated business services model. The Flyfisher Integrated Operating Model helps clients strategize and design new, flexible operating models that integrate front, middle and back office activities across multiple processes and functions into meaningful end-to-end services, focused on achieving business outcomes.


Our FSOP’s are designed from the outside in with the customer experience at the center. The next generation of process improvements will require transforming and innovating business services and moving from a cost-reduction to a business-outcome focus. No matter where an organization is in its SOP development, we have the experience and knowledge to help companies achieve their business goals. The existence of documented standard operating procedures increases the value of a company. It shows a buyer that the company is “process driven”, rather than “founder driven.” Companies with well-documented SOPs include them as part of the pitch to generate a valuation premium.


Our core services include recruitment and staffing, diversity, employee and labor relations, compensation, performance management, employee development, HR information management, and regulatory compliance. Our goal is to help our clients and portfolio companies develop and maintain most the effective, accountable, and engaged HR units possible. We seek to deliver superior customer service to or clients and portfolio companies with the goal of attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining a diverse workforce in a supportive work environment.


Translation of a new product or service idea into a finished solution requires a structured and disciplined approach, mitigating technical and commercial risks at the earliest opportunity through the development process. Following a robust, phased development approach, we help make a new product or service vision a reality, handling all aspects of the process from early prototype through to fully functional final designs, working with businesses to bring together the right development team to achieve the best results. Early proof-of-principle work avoids costly rework. Validating product or service and user interface through creation of models, simulations and prototypes ensures that the final product or service addresses stakeholder requirements.


Companies making the strategic decision to outsource manufacturing or design services face an immediate challenge with far-reaching consequences selecting the right manufacturing outsourcing partner. Selecting a partner can be daunting; we make the process easier. Successful manufacturing outsourcing is achieved through strategy and management. To be successful – design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, operations, document control and quality need to function in concert with the manufacturer. From initial product specification to final sign-off, the product team must be in close contact with the manufacturer to ensure cost, quality and schedule goals are met.


Sourcing process has evolved from merely finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers to a more sophisticated strategic sourcing wherein; the sourcing process is continuously evaluated and improvised within a set of standard operating procedures that allow flexibility and ensures success.


We help companies oversee the movement of goods from supplier or manufacturer to point of sale. Distribution management is an overarching term that refers to numerous activities and processes such as packaging, inventory, warehousing, supply chain and logistics. Our FSOPs are a proven way to streamline the process.


We have developed a set of Supply Chain Strategies (SCS) as part of our FSOP’s to help businesses strategically manage their supply chains. Our SCS allow our clients and portfolio companies to systemically and strategically coordinate business function and procedures across business functions and with multiple businesses within a supply chain. The goal is to improve performance individually and as a whole.