Cody DeGuelle


Cody DeGuelle is the Director of The Flyfisher Real Estate Group providing services to owners, agents and managers in need of property and project due diligence, development consulting, construction management and property management. As Director Mr. DeGuelle guides the group’s service strategy and decisions, group resources and client relations.

Mr. DeGuelle has managed filings including NWP2, NWP3, NWP3a, NWP3b, NWP3c, NWP4, NWP5, NWP7, NWP13, NWP19, NPW27 and NWP30 with the Army Corps of Engineers. He leads the team responsible for aquatic, riparian and in stream development, enhancement, hydrology and maintenance with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. As well as managing the annual audits and quarterly reviews for the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Storm Water Permits, and the Colorado Division of Water Resources and the State Water Commissioner Water Augmentation Reporting and Audit.

In addition to his responsibilities with the Real Estate Group, Mr. DeGuelle has held a number of operating and advisory roles for The Flyfisher Capital Group’s portfolio companies, including Managing Principal of Angling Aquatics, LLC, Director of The Flyfisher LLC’s fishing services, Operations Director of the Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club, LLC and Director of Operations of Lincoln Hills Property Maintenance, LLC.

Mr. DeGuelle’s previous experience includes service as a ranch hand at the Colorado State University Research Farm in Ft. Collins, CO and as a Fisheries Specialist at the Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club in Black Hawk, CO. He holds two BS degrees from Colorado State University in Fisheries Biology and Wildlife Biology. He reinvests in the community through his work with Anglers of Honor, Freedom Hunters and the Sierra Club.

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Quick Facts
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Biologist
  • Professional Outdoorsman
  • Conservationist
  • Dedicated Traveler
  • Developer

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