Technology & Media Group

The Flyfisher Technology & Media Group offers personal and customizable software, technology and media solutions that make small businesses more efficient and effective. We know how to create and support 24/7 sales models, reduce the need for staffing through process and system implementation, improve the effectiveness and use of KPI’s, and connect with customers, partners and employees through media. Our clients and portfolio companies implement big business technology solutions to improve and scale small companies.

Meet Mr. Hoess
Leader of the Technology & Media Group

“The appropriate application of technology is essential to keep pace.”

Small business success relies on best of class technology and media solutions that can evolve as the business matures, market conditions change and technology develops.

· Our networking services engineer scalable and cost effective solutions.

· Our hosted exchange services provide connectivity and brand messaging.

· Our web design and development services promote brands and sell products and services.

· Our managed cloud hosting guarantees specify requirements are met.

· Our media services tell stories and across a palette of platforms.

· Our custom SaaS and application development services create efficient business tools.

We offer consulting services in Information Technology for addressing organizational and business needs. These services include IT strategy development, budgeting, organizational structure, and IT management.

Network Services

From small single office networks or a multi-site enterprise solution, our network engineers assist in determining the scope and requirements of the specific business and implement an efficient, right sized, scalable and cost effective solution.

Hosted Exchange Services

We offer hosted Exchange email and calendar servers to our clients and portfolio companies. Exchange servers provide or clients the connectivity needed to operate at the speed of business and the ability to stay true to the messaging that creates a strong brand.

Web Design & Development Services

Like a doctoral thesis that is always due next week, websites must mature and develop over time. Our clients’ benefit from the lessons we have learned and the mistakes we have made over the last 20 years of developing websites. Our solutions are based on a thorough understanding of responsive websites, cross-browser compatibility and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Defining the goals of our clients including: intended audience, product or service for sale, technical staff available to maintain, short and long term maintenance requirements and website development and maintenance budgets ensure we arrive at solutions that propel our clients into the digital media age.

Managed Cloud Hosting

We specialize in boutique data storage, website hosting and SaaS hosting for businesses and high net worth individuals who want reliable, high quality, confidential and personalized service. Our ability to customize our servers to fit specific needs guarantees the level of specificity required.

Media Services

We believe story telling is essential successful to business development. We think every story can be told in a way that is compelling for the intended audience. We help engage audiences by developing creative, cost effective substance, and a comprehensive palette of media resources. We design, develop and deliver a full range of media solutions for our clients and portfolio companies.

Custom SaaS and Application Development

TFTMG offers custom application development and full life-cycle design for a range of platforms, architectures, technologies and devices. A deep cross-industry experience and in-depth understanding of business processes along side our information technology expertise benefit our clients by supporting the needs of highly customized, market-leading products and services. Our team of IT consultants automate processes, increasing speed, reducing costs and improving quality while adhering to regulatory requirements when applicable. We seek to balance between writing code from scratch and modifying out-of-the-box installations to meet specific client needs in terms of timing, customization and budget to make the most of the investment.