The Flyfisher Capital Group affords accredited investors the opportunity to participate along side our founder and management team in specifically targeted investment funds. Our alternative investment funds are designed to augment existing portfolios and accelerate growth potential. We only invest in assets that represent profitable opportunities for our communities i.e., that generate significant, tangible dollar returns and intangible lifestyle returns.
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Business Operations

The Flyfisher Business Operations Group specializes in harvesting value from assets. Our teams focus on overseeing, designing, and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations in order to increase value. We help our clients and portfolio companies achieve operational efficiency. By blending strategic thinking, hands-on practicality and our FSOPs, we work to develop and implement operational strategies that solve our clients’ most critical obstacles. Read More

Finance & Accounting

The Flyfisher Finance & Accounting Group provides CFO/Controller, finance, accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, valuation and fundraising services. The critical tasks of finance and accounting demand detail oriented problem solvers. We have both the technical knowledge and the critical thinking skills to effectively handle the intricacies of small business, changing markets, rapid growth, critical cash flows and ever changing financial complexity. Read More

Technology & Media

The Flyfisher Technology & Media Group offers end to end personalized IT and media solutions that make small businesses more efficient and effective. We know how to create and support 24/7 sales models, reduce the need for staffing through process and system implementation, improve the effectiveness and use of KPI’s and connect with customers, partners and employees through media. Our clients implement technology solutions to improve and scale. Read More

Real Estate

The Flyfisher Real Estate Group is focused on providing services to owners, agents and managers in need of due diligence, development consulting, construction management and property management. We specialize in lifestyle recreational properties and rental property portfolios. We fully connect real estate assets and business models with people who value them. We seek to enhance our clients’ investments by creating quality living and working environments for the communities the properties serve. Read More