Real Estate Group

The Flyfisher Real Estate Group (TFREG) is a boutique lifestyle real estate consulting firm. With roots dating back to 1995, we are one of the leading recreational real estate groups in the nation. Our initial focus was centered largely on acquisition in the distressed market and the development of lifestyle real estate. We have evolved into a seasoned developer, construction manager and property manager for both recreational lifestyle properties and rental property portfolios. We seek to enhance our clients’ investments by creating quality living and working environments for the communities the properties serve. We built our reputation around hands-on development, construction management and property management.

Our SaaS (web based software) management systems are industry leading. We have created proprietary systems that dramatically improve the efficiency of vendor management, client management, investment property accounting and cash management. This distinguishes us and enables us to provide the personalized service each client and property deserves.

Meet Mr. DeGuelle
Leader of the Real Estate Group

“We are caretakers of property, with the responsibility to do no harm.”

Lifestyle recreational properties and rental property portfolios require specialized services to be managed efficiently and provide the returns essential to owners.

· Our due diligence service prepares detailed reports before acquisition and during ownership.

· Our development services provide sage advice and experienced management.

· Our vendor dashboard aligns owners and managers in real time.

· Our client dashboard makes property investment accessible and transparent.

· Our property accounting services provide timely customizable financials.

· Our cash management system helps maintain a property’s fiscal position.

Due Diligence Services

We offer a professional compilation of customized due diligence reporting to clients under contract. Our knowledge base and relationships create a unique platform for TFREG to prepare detailed reports for clients during the acquisition process and during ownership periods.


Our purpose is to provide seasoned advice and professional service to ensure a sound investment for generations to come. We share and respect our clients’ lifestyles and we are uniquely qualified to assist in each aspect of the ownership process. With over two decades of urban and recreational experience our team blends the interrelated disciplines of real estate investment, urban renewal, recreational development and property management. TFREG is committed to helping owners manage their lifestyle real estate investments. We are equipped to handle the complexities of the market, from managing the disposition of distressed real estate, to working with investors or clients buying, selling or holding property.

Development Services Include:

  • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Market Analysis
  • Project Design Consulting
  • Operating Projections
  • Stabilized Management Plans
  • Construction Management

Through detailed and thoughtful planning we work to meet property and project budgets while maintaining and improving the value of the asset. From capital improvement projects to maintenance and upgrades, we work with teams of vetted professionals to deliver quality construction at a competitive price and in a timely manner. We employ construction project executives to aid in the critical and concise communication needed with governmental agencies, architects, general contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and service providers to keep our projects on track and our clients informed.

Our Services Include:

  • Owner Dashboard
  • Project Executive Services
  • General Contractor Vetting
  • Project Accounting
  • Project Matrix
  • Property Management

TFREG invested in the development of proprietary software systems and operational procedures that eliminate many of the most onerous responsibilities of property management. Our clients appreciate that their management teams are focused on meeting their goals and that the financials behind the scenes are fully transparent in real time as aided by these systems.

Vendor Dashboard

The dashboard we created virtually eliminates the time spent by the property management team on vendor identification, processing and maintenance. The insurance, end of year 1099 and vendor invoice processing is tracked through our proprietary system which was specifically created to help manage risk and reduce the workload associated with vendors. In the property management industry, most PO systems, if used at all, allow for expenditures to occur before budget comparisons or before budget approvals are obtained. Our vendor management system keeps owners, property managers and vendors in compliance with insurance, spending limits, budgets and approvals in real time.

Client Dashboard

We take clients’ investments seriously and believe that every convenience we can provide our owners contributes to increased lifestyle investment satisfaction. Our systems offer the ability to review property performance individually or as part of grouped consolidated investments. Clients can click down to the actual receipt(s) for any general ledger transaction. Inquiries as simple as how much was the tax bill, what is the address and contact information for a specific vendor or when is the insurance premium due is available 24/7 through the dashboard. Additionally, complex questions like what is the cash position for a consolidated group of properties today and where it is projected to be in the next 30-90 days are also available at the click of a button. TFREG makes our client’s investments less burdensome, more predictable, totally accessible and completely transparent.

Property Accounting

Meeting our clients’ needs is the number one priority at TFREG. The most frequent evidence of performance in this area is seen in the availability of real time financial statements. Our Finance and Accounting Group works closely with our Real Estate Group to ensure the numbers are up to date. Our systems and processes are both flexible and robust. We have routinely met and exceeded the demands of banking institutions and real estate investment trusts while at the same time producing financials for high net worth individuals with unique desires. Producing financials and managing complicated charts of accounts and accounting structures for different owners with different asset goals is one of the areas were we excel.

Cash Management

A unique and important function of our property accounting is managing cash. TFREG’s sophisticated cash management system is unlike anything in the industry. Our proprietary technology optimizes a property’s cash flow by monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting the cash flow of a property or group of properties; we can help maximize a property’s cash position by studying trends and forecasting movement, critical expenses, and accounts payable. This approach combines advanced, look ahead reporting and analysis along with early warnings for cash shortages. Our broad range of services is designed to meet the needs of our Finance & Accounting Group as well as that of our clients. Using these techniques, we help maintain a property’s fiscal position or assist in re-positioning a cash critical property.